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Beaver Control and Removal

Muskoka residents can have problems with nuisance Beaver.

When a conflict arises between cottage/home owners and Beavers, there are several important things to consider. Most importantly, local and provincial legislation is specific on how beaver management can take place. Unless you are a farmer, trapping on private land must be done by a licensed trapper. At Muskoka Wildlife Control by Muskoka Pest Control, we can provide you with the advice and solution you need. Contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our Wildlife Experts.


Beavers sometimes require removal in Muskoka

The North American beaver (Castor canadensis) is native to Ontario. In many cases beavers are part of the natural habitat and not a problem for man. Beavers are territorial, and one family typically defends a half mile of shoreline territory from strange beavers. Also, less known is that Beaver families can have up to 3 lodges for one family. Lands that were cleared for agriculture and later abandoned and allowed to return to forest cover produced an abundance of the beaver’s favourite foods such as young poplar, ash and birch. The deepening of streams to enhance the drainage of agricultural land as well as the creation of municipal water drains also improved beaver habitat by providing deeper sources of running water. Because of these and other changes, beaver are thriving and coming into conflict with landowners.

Beavers can sometimes be nuisance wildlife

Landowners can share their property with the visitors or they can take steps to remove them. Management of beaver on private land is the responsibility of landowners. An understanding of why beaver do what they do is important to the successful outcome of whichever option landowners choose.

Beaver Making a Dam in A Boathouse

Beaver are most comfortable in the water. On land, they are clumsy and vulnerable to predators. They build dams to create ponds, therefore they never need to stray far from shore as they forage for food. The ponds also ensure that the water around their homes, which are called lodges and are separate from their dams. The water needs to be deep enough to allow them to move freely under the ice in the winter. Fall is the most active time for beaver as they gather and store their winter food supplies. They cut branches from trees, drag them into the water and anchor them in the mud near their lodge for later use. Also, they prefer young trees that are easy to fell and move.

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