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Squirrel Control and Removal

Many Muskoka residents can have problems with squirrels entering their home or cottage. They can do quite a bit of damage to property. It is always safer to contact a trained expert rather than attempt to handle wild animals such as the squirrel without the proper knowledge or assistance. The local wildlife control experts at Muskoka Pest Control can help! Call or email us to arrange a squirrel consultation with one of our wildlife professionals.


Squirrels are found throughout Muskoka

Pest squirrels are divided into three groups for classification: tree, ground, and flying squirrels. Squirrels have the capacity to cause destruction on lawns, homes as well as cottages. Some of the more common species that regularly encounter humans and man-made structures include fox squirrels, eastern gray squirrels, and red squirrels. Squirrels are avid climbers and pest squirrels are typically muscular and also have sharp claws.

Squirrel in homes and Cottages

As overwintering pests, squirrels will sometimes find their way into the attics of homes or cottages where they build nests and enjoy protection from cold weather as well as predators. Properties with plenty of foliage are attractive to squirrels, who view trees as both a source of food and shelter. Inside homes and cottages, squirrels often nest in attics and can chew and gnaw on wooden support beams and walls and do damage in gaining entry to the structure. They also endanger themselves and humans in the immediate area by chewing on electrical wires. Also, squirrels often travel on power lines, which can lead to electrical shorts.

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Mark Sampson

Mark Sampson

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With almost 30 years in the industry, Mark brings a wide scope of experience and knowledge to both his customers and staff. Mark holds several licenses and has previously sat on the board of directors of the SPMAO both as a director and vice president. He is also a registered examiner through the PIC (Pesticide Industry Council).
Mark Sampson
Mark Sampson

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